• Benfica Macau - Sangalo
  • Benfica Macau - Sangalo
  • Benfica Macau - Sangalo
  • Benfica Macau - Sangalo
  • Benfica Macau - Sangalo
  • Benfica Macau - Sangalo

Benfica Macau

  • Official Jersey
  • Macau
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Get to Know - Benfica Macau


The House of Sport Lisboa e Benfica in Macau, or in short, Benfica Macau, was established on the 17th of October, 1951, as one of the houses of Benfica. Benfica Macau has been competing throughout the years in the Macau football league and youth tournaments until the early 90s.

In 2008, the Benfica Macau project was revitalized. The new Benfica Macau started from the bottom division in Macau in 2008, reached the Macau Elite League in 2012, and since then, has won 5 consecutive championships along with 3 Macau FA Cups.

In 2018, they reached a new milestone in Macau's football history: Benfica Macau not only became the first-ever team to participate in the AFC Cup group stage, but also the first Macau club to score points internationally by winning 4 out of 6 matches in the group stage and finishing 2nd in the group.

We are thrilled to have partnered with such an incredible organization!

  • Taipa, Macau

  • Founded in 1951

  • 5x League Champions

  • 3X Cup Winners

  • Chan Man

    The Captain

    Country: Macau

    Age: 30

    Position: Right Back

    Number: 7

    Macau National Team Appearances: 25 (2 goals)

  • Iuri Capelo

    The Vice-Captain

    Country: Macau

    Age: 31

    Position: Left Back

    Number: 11

    Macau National Team Appearances: 3

  • Rui Oliveira

    The Ever-Reliable Goalkeeper

    Country: Macau

    Age: 42

    Position: Goalkeeper

    Number: 88

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