Our Story

We grew up around the globe; from the Horn of Africa to the Silk Road and from the Gold Coast to the Mediterranean coast. We were exposed to the passion of football in all its forms.

Over the years, we found ourselves in New York City and surrounded by other people who left their own homes to explore the world. While playing our regular pick up games in Queens, we would see random jerseys of brilliant clubs that we had no knowledge of. Asking how people got their jerseys, the answer was frequently “I picked it up while visiting because there is no way to get it here”. Same thing happened to us! And thus, Sangalo was born!

We want to harness the power of football and make a positive impact on the world. We were fortunate enough to see the power of the clubs locally and regionally, but we think they deserve global recognition so they can continue to uplift their communities and create opportunities.

Our Values

  • Partner Clubs

    We deeply care about the teams we feature and pick our partner clubs very carefully. We’re only successful if our partners are successful.

  • Customers

    1. Your feedback and support shapes the way we build the company.
    2. We treat our customers as we want to be treated.
  • Fairness

    Fair deals for everyone involved - partner clubs, customers, manufacturers, media partners, etc.

We are global

  • Storytelling

    We want to be a vessel to show that there is brilliant football everywhere to be celebrated.

  • Exposure

    Our biggest value add to our partner clubs is the increased exposure. We believe this should lead to a wider array of opportunities for them.

  • Our Way

    There is no tried and tested path to what we’re doing, we just know we come with a big heart and this is our way.